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Have you ever struggled to find someone who fits your job requirements? Are you a worker who is always friends and family for recommendations? If so, you are not alone. Today, millions of people are in search of workers or work, both permanent and temporary. But finding those odd jobs or finding someone to fulfill the requirements of an odd job can seem impossible at best, especially in smaller cities. But thankfully, all that is about to change.
If you are searching for work, or you want to hire, bodcity is here to help!

What is bodcity?

Bodcity is a third party introduction service designed to help people discover workers nearby to fulfill odd jobs and to help match people in need of work with someone searching for their skillset. The application is simple in its functionality, allowing users to simply edit the terms of their search parameters after which matches are presented. Upon locating an ideal match, the selection process is instigated and both parties can negotiate details of the payment structure, timing, and travel required, if any.

The user interface functions much the same as any match-based application in that both hirers and workers are able to swipe through potential matches or profiles on a daily basis, free up to five profiles per day. Members can upgrade their account and enjoy access to premium profiles without quantified limits.

So what can you do with this app?

If you need to hire a worker for an odd job, you can capitalize on this application to find matches nearby. You simply post information about the odd job you have and let the app do the work for you. You can alter the search parameters, narrowing or expanding the search distance between 1 and 15 kilometers. You can also change the price range for the job, starting at 10 local units per hour and increasing up to 500 local units per hour. The amount of time required for the job can range between 1 and 8 hours. The start date and hourly rate are key features used in the match search. You can find workers in your area who have the skills that you require and select them for your job with a simple click of a button. Upon selecting workers, they get the opportunity to accept the job based on work preferences.

There are workers around the world in need of odd jobs and all it takes is filling in some discovery settings and viewing the matches near your area for your job to be filled. As a worker, you can find jobs within 15 kilometers of your location and search the jobs based on the start date and payment structure. You can also find job specialties needed and display your special skills on your profile. Once preferences are matched between worker and hirer, the two are able to convene negotiations with regard to how much payment will be, how long the project will last, and what other requirements the job might hold.


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